Bluffview Energy Capital (Bluffview), founded in 2018, is a private investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. Our name is a nod to our perspective and expertise. We look over a vast landscape of potential investments in the energy sector. Our expertise is in finding, valuing, and structuring rock-solid energy investments that will remain safe through the volatile cycles of commodity prices. While our firm is new, we are old hands in the energy industry with over 70 combined years of experience. We have withstood multiple cycles of commodity prices and their impact on enterprises in this sector.

Our first fund is primarily a private debt fund. We seek to generate income from a portfolio of mostly senior secured loans. Our clients will be primarily low to middle market energy companies in the upstream exploration and production (E&P) sector, with some exposure to the midstream, and oilfield services sectors. The fund also has the ability to make limited, small non-controlling equity investments if warranted.

The Principals of the firm have both technical and financial expertise in the energy sector. We have career experience at major E&P companies, as reserve evaluation consultants, commodity traders, crude and natural gas marketers, at banks, hedge funds, and large financial institutions. Whether you are an energy firm in need of capital, or an investor seeking to deploy capital and earn a superior risk adjusted return, we speak your language and understand your challenges.

We have strong reputations in the industry for integrity and delivering on commitments. Ask around and you will learn we are known as honest, transparent, straight talking, principled and disciplined investment managers.


Exceptional Assets
Our focus is solely on the energy sector. We seek to invest in exceptional assets either as lenders or equity participants with quality management teams. We offer a flexible approach tailored to fit the assets and the needs of the Borrower, while requiring security for our investors. We listen to understand the Borrower’s needs and desire to work with those who also understand our needs for risk management and collateral security. Bluffview requires both adequate collateral coverage and protected cash flows in order to service debt.

Onshore U.S.
We focus on onshore U.S. properties and we are agnostic as to basin or hydrocarbon type. As a nimble nonbank capital provider, our aim is to serve the market space between commercial banks and private equity firms. We target low to middle market private companies, providing capital at project or corporate levels. While our investment focus is primarily on the upstream energy sector, we will consider renewable energy investments as well as investments in midstream assets and oilfield service companies.

Stretch Lender
In the upstream E&P sector, we are considered a “Stretch Lender”, meaning we offer consideration of total proved reserves for the collateral borrowing base. We are flexible on terms, structure, and covenants and work to fit all terms to the risks identified and underwritten.

Timely feedback and decision making
Our experienced investment committee provides timely feedback and decision making. It is comprised of a small, complimentary team with a decades long track record in valuation, risk assessment, and debt and equity investing.

Our overall goal is to build a diverse portfolio of debt and equity investments. The first fund will primarily target income generating senior secured loans. We believe the fragmented low to middle market energy sector is an underserved market and is likely to offer desirable risk adjusted returns to our investors.

Value Proposition

  1. Bluffview serves as a nonbank source of capital to an underserved segment of the industry
  2. We offer a flexible approach tailored to the needs of the borrower, the assets, and assessed risks
  3. The Principals have:
    • understanding of the industry; spent their entire careers in energy
    • raised several successful energy funds previously
    • successfully placed debt and equity investments in this space previously

Investment Criteria

Bluffview Energy Capital is a solid, stable, forward-looking source of capital. We are experienced in originating, executing, and closing transactions in the energy sector, both in the private debt and equity markets.

Our first fund is focused primarily on private debt. For debt investments, we anticipate making loans in sizes of $5 million to $20 million. We will also be able to participate in larger loan facilities with like-minded lenders. For equity investments, we will consider $1 million to $5 million investments in attractive growth opportunities that do not fit a debt capital structure.

We can be the sole capital provider, but will also seek to participate in either debt or equity investments alongside other capital providers. Subsequent funds will likely target a larger commitment size, and larger investment opportunities.

Sample investment structures we will support include:

  • Senior secured first lien term loans (conventional/stretch)
  • Smaller size Reserve Based Loans with yield enhancement features (ORRI’s, NPI’s, etc.)
  • Select Unitranche (senior/mezzanine) loans
  • Delayed Draw Term Loans
  • Noncontrolling equity positions

These investments can be for various uses and propositions include:

  • Terming out a Revolver
  • Refinancing / Recapitalization
  • Acquisition financing
  • Development growth capital
  • Select stressed financings (bridge)


Tom Costantino

Managing Director, Co-Founder


Jay Mitchell

Managing Director, Co-Founder




  • P. O. Box 601697
  • Dallas, TX 75360-1697
  • 713-449-6400